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Sunset Music Company "Live in Dusseldorf" 1979

A great band that Jeff was in in the late 70's. This is a new issue!

Band personnel also include, Jim Goodwin, Dan Barrett, Bill Carter, Mike Fay, and leader Lueder Ohlwein.  Available at

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  Jeff Hamilton

B.E.D. 4 + 1

This fabulous quartet invited Jeff to be a guest on this, their latest recording!

B = Becky Kilgore  E= Eddie Erickson D= Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes and Jeff

See at and

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test piano photo
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Swing That Music

Jeff's latest recording!! with Dan Barrett, Harry Allen, Randy Reinhart, Bryan Shaw, Dave Frishberg, Joel Forbes, Eddie Erickson, and Rebecca Kilgore.   Check it out at

For more info, please look under "Features," on the "Home" page.

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  What'll It Be?

If Dreams Come True

Jeff Hamilton Jazz: Jeff on Piano! Solos, duos and trios with Rebecca Kilgore, Dan Barrett, Bryan Shaw, Bobby Gordon, Eddie Erickson, and Bill Carter!  Ckeck it out at

For more info, please look under "Features," on the "Home" page.

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  If I Were You
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